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Position Title:                           Director, Basic Needs (Eliminating Family Homelessness)

Department:                            Community Impact

Reports To:                             Executive VP of Community Impact and Marketing

Date:                                       February 15, 2017


Purpose of Position:    Achieves identified goals and outcomes to eliminate family homelessness through work with community volunteers and partners associated with Agenda for Change vision area (Basic Needs). Leads and promotes development of United Way Community Impact work including community engagement, resource investments and utilization; volunteer engagement, agency relations, donor relations, and public relations that make United Way of Dane County accountable to the community for stewardship of community resources.

75% Key Responsibility Area: Leading an Agenda for Change content area (eliminating family homelessness)

Specific Duties:

  1. Lead the development of community vision, goals, strategies, outcomes, and decisions on the use of United Way resources in relation to a specific Agenda for Change content area. This particular position will lead our effort against family homelessness
  2. Facilitate volunteer leadership processes (eg. Basic Needs Community Solutions Team (CST)) to maximize the strategies and goals of the Agenda area. Work includes topic research, agendas, meeting management tools, meeting notices, reports, drafting of materials to be considered, minutes, fact sheets, statistics, etc.
  3. Facilitate collaboration among United Way agencies, donors, funders, and other key community stake holders for the development and implementation of partnership initiatives or specific strategies implemented through the CST.
  4. Conduct community engagement to educate the public and create will for change and provide feedback on public opinion on our vision and goals.
  5. Research, analyze, and synthesize data pertinent to vision and priorities of the Agenda.
  6. Prepare documentation and reports for the CST and Vision Council process, and evaluative reports to the community and board. .
  7. Review and analyze agencies’ program and fiscal components. Provide technical assistance to participating agencies as they develop community partnerships, outcomes and measures, budgets, and other program considerations.
  8. Create MOUs for our strategic initiatives to assure alignment of the program model and outcomes to Agenda for Change, monitor process and document program details; assure quality systems for data collection to measure faithful implementation of the program and outcomes, conduct regular program and fiscal monitoring.
  9. Provide agencies with technical assistance to facilitate compliance with United Way guidelines, policies, and procedures. Insure faithful implementation of strategies and best practices in community work.
  10. In consultation with Marketing, lead marketing and public relations, and community communications about the content area including website, communication content with donors, published reports on progress and results.
  11. Work with Strategic Collaborations and Resource Development to acquire investments to maximize our vision area. This may include establishing donor relationships, donor meetings, and preparation of customized materials and reports for grant applications and retention.
  12. Assist the Executive Vice President, Community Impact in assuring oversight of all United Way financial and human investments made through the CST and Vision Council processes.

5% Key Responsibility Area: Other CI Committee Management


Specific Duties:

  1. Lead CI Department activities that communicate and market our work.
  2. Lead one of several CI Committees as appropriate.
  3. Prepare materials and reports as needed.


5%   Key Responsibility Area: Internal Relations


Specific Duties:

  1. Coordinate requests from other departments that relate to Agenda vision.
  2. Coordinate planning and requests from Marketing/Communications Department as appropriate (information for Campaign materials, etc.)
  3. Respond to requests for information related to CST areas as needed.

10% Key Responsibility Area: Community Liaison


Specific Duties:

  1. Coordinate activities and communication with appropriate organizations, i.e., state, county, local commissions, networks, councils, etc. as they relate to CST or Vision Council business.
  2. Participate on relevant community task forces, commissions and committees.

5% Key Responsibility Area: Other

Specific Duties:

  1. Assist in the development of tools that strengthen United Way’s role in bringing the community together to address priority issues.
  2. Take responsibility for other assignments within the department.


Job Relationships:

External:          Local private and public sector organizations and other United Ways. Regional and national private and public donors and other grant-making organizations, City and County.

Internal:           Other United Way departments, United Way volunteers, United Way agencies.

Assist in other functional areas upon request.




Job Specifications:

Education:       Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred.

Experience:     At least 5 years of progressively responsible leadership. Experience working in a team environment, facilitating effective groups, and working with volunteers. Administrative and supervisory experience as a volunteer and professional. Experience with grants processes, metrics outcomes measurement, and negotiation of terms. Community engagement experience. Demonstrated expository writing experiences, and interpretation of data to help the community understand the scope and dimension of family homelessness and poverty in our community.

Knowledge:     Knowledge of the community organization process; knowledge of human service networks; knowledge of and experience with application of database software and internet applications. Knowledge of federal and community databases that provide community-level data.

Skills:               Ability to work with a large and diverse staff; ability to work with and support a diverse group of volunteers; ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing. Demonstration of interpersonal, meeting facilitation, and organizational skills. Ability to build consensus and facilitate collaboration, as well as the ability to build and sustain productive relationships with diverse individuals, groups organizations and communities. Demonstrated leadership skills; willingness to take charge. Must be able to successfully move a diverse group of people toward a common vision. Develop and interpret organizational and initiative budgets.  


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