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SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/26/2016) – The Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial Statue unveiled to the public in Wausau, Wisconsin on 09/24/2016.
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Stay tune for Suab Hmong News full coverage of the Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial unveiled to the public coming up on Tuesday, 09/27/2016, evening on the Suab Hmong News Channel www.youtube.com/suabhmongnews.

The Hmong-Lao Memorial has a base and three statue on the top.  One Hmong soldier on the left, an American pilot on the middle, and a Hmong civilian on the right.

“The three statue do not represent anyone at all.  They are just the symbol statue of the memorial to remember the Hmong-Lao Veterans” said TongBlia Xiong, Member of the Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial committee.

Xiong continues said that the project started December 2010.
Peter Yang, Representative from Hmong American Center, said the total costs for the Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial was $240,000.  The total donation from the communities and donors was $260,000.  

“The $260,000 helped to cover all the costs for the Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial project” said Peter Yang.

Distinguish guests included public officials from the City of Wausau as well as the Marathon County.

Wachong Vang, one of the son of General Vang Pao, was the keynote speaker at the event.

Wachong Vang said during the Suab Hmong News interview that he would like to see a statue of General Vang Pao unveil to the public in the state of Wisconsin.

Col. Wangyee Vang from California attended the event and given a speech of the history of the Hmong and American allied in Laos during the Vietnam War.

There were seven flowers to honor and remembering the sacrifices of the recognized seven groups of the Hmong and Lao served during the Secret War in Laos; Hmong and Lao Civilians, Hmong and Laos Medical Staff, Hmong and Lao Educators, Hmong and Lao Polices, Hmong and Lao Pilots, and Hmong General Vang Pao.

A helicopter was flying twice on the sky to honor and remembering the Hmong-Lao Veterans.  A T-28 fight plane was scheduled to fly to honor the Hmong and Lao Veterans but unable to fly due to technical issues

The grandparents of the two toddlers who drowned in a neighbor's pool on Monday are now raising money for their funeral expenses.

Neng and Nong Thao are leaning on family, friends, and the community now that their house is too quiet without their grandchildren-- two-year-old Elizabeth and three-year-old Jayce.

"My Jayce he's very, I don't know, he's very active. He likes to run around the house and sometimes it gets to me, but that's what I'm going to remember him by," said Nong.

"My little Elizabeth, I will never forget her smile every time she sees me. Her smiley face was always there. And I can never forget them," said Neng.

The grandparents are missing their daily hugs and kisses from the children. They have set up a GoFundMe account in an effort to help their son.

Jayce and Elizabeth got out of their house Monday morning and drowned in their neighbor's pool.

"I have nothing to help my son and also he's a very young parent. He's a single parent working part time supporting two children and he has nothing also," said Neng.

Their son had already left for work that fateful morning. Nong said every day after work he would come home and walk them down the street to a nearby park. They said he's devastated.

He and the children's mother are separated. On the family's GoFundMe page she wrote, "It haunts me every day through these sleepless nights knowing that my babies were all alone in their final hour."

As the family works to make funeral arrangements they're thanking the community for lending their support during this unthinkable time.

"The community, the neighbors here, have been really good to us. They've been bringing us food and monetary gifts and everything," said Nong.

At First and Olive streets family members and friends of the children held a car wash to help them raise money for their funerals. The services will be open to the public and will likely be held in the next 10 days.

Family members expect to be out at First and Olive for most of the day.

If you would like to contribute to the GoFundMe click here.

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