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Victim of brutal beating in Fern Rock speaks out

FERN ROCK (WTXF) - "I think they are inhumane."
A battered and bruised Shongchai Hang fights back tears, as he describes being brutally beaten by two young men in the Fern Rock section of Philadelphia last week.
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The horrific attack caught on camera, as the 69-year old was walking down Hutchinson Street a little before noon.
"He hit me very hard. I fell on the ground. He still come and punch me and kick me until I was unconscious."
The Lutheran minister says one of the men robbed him, sprayed mace in his face, and then hit him in the forehead with the empty can.
"I hand him the cell phone, also wallet, also there's not more, but maybe not enough, they want to take my life."
The victim says he felt helpless.
"Another man came over. He kicked me, he tried to kill me, you see the shoe print on my chest."


Shongchai Hang says another man actually witnessed the horrifying violence against him.
County Administrator to be suspended for participa...
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